Wedding Videographers

There are so many important variables to consider in the equation of your wedding planning. You need to establish venues, caterers, floral arrangements, and entertainment as well as any other minute detail required for a successful wedding. One of the most crucial aspects of the planning is making sure you have someone chronicling the event either via pictures or video, or both. Perhaps you already have your photographer booked, or would just rather have a video of your wedding, there are plenty of options available to you in the Baltimore area. We have some tips we believe will be useful in your search for the right videographer.

First, you should research the common styles that videographers utilize to capture weddings. One common style is the low key fly-on-the-wall approach, which is akin to what you may see in a reality television show. Another style is the documentary approach, which features interviews and narration. One more style is the cinematic approach, which gives the videographer a certain amount of creative leeway to create a Hollywood-esque wedding video for you. The styles range in cost and quality from each videographer, and some even offer combinations of each style. These are things you will have to discuss with the candidate, but having the style in mind will make things easier in regards to searching for videographers with specific qualities you require for your wedding.

Start your hunt with the recommendations of your friends and family, and look through any online wedding directories. Focus on professional wedding videographers, and more crucially, focus on candidates that come with a lot of experience!You should watch any videos the candidates have available online, whether they are snippets or full videos. Read through any general information, as well as bridal testimonials and other reviews. A handful of videographers should be sufficient to start the interviewing process, once you have generated a list, go ahead and start scheduling appointments.

During your interview process, you will want to make sure you have the contact information of the person that will actually be capturing the video for the night. Sometimes, you will go through an agency or production company, which is sometimes a good thing because it will be much easier to coordinate a backup videographer in case of emergency, but just be sure you have that individual's personal contact, because you need to establish a good line of communication and become well acquainted with their personality.

You will want to ask each candidate plenty of questions. One question that is important is if they have a rapport or familiarity with your chosen venues, if they do, that's great, but you should still ask them to take a walk through with you to determine which shots you think may be best. The candidate should be receptive to your ideas. Another good aspect to inquire about is their equipment: their experience with the equipment, and the condition of the equipment. You should also ask about the production process, how long will the editing take, how experienced the candidate is with editing, how long will the final version be? Ask about copyrights and different formats, all the nuances are important, especially in regards to the archiving of your wedding.

Once you handle those details, inquire about their costs and packages, comparing each candidate against each other. Prices vary in each state and city, but the business comes with plenty of overhead costs to the videographer. If you receive a really cheap quote, it is probably a good idea to avoid hiring them because it is sure to effect the quality of your video. For instance, the videographer might produce some of the best footage of a wedding in all of recorded history, but once you get the final product, the editing is absolutely a mess. Good videographers and photographers cost money, you get what you pay for. If you feel you have made the decision on the best candidate for you, sign a contract with them outlining all the details, and place your deposit.

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