Wedding Venues

Besides your wedding photographer, the other huge decision you must make as part of your wedding plans is choosing a wedding venue for your reception. While you want the ceremony to be amazing and to come off without a hiccup, the reception is where everyone can let their hair down and really enjoy the moment. It is the true celebration of the coming together of two people and it is also a chance to show your guests exactly what they mean to you as you host a huge party where they can hopefully have an amazing time. As you start to look around the Baltimore area at various venues, you will want to keep several things in mind in order to book the location that you will be satisfied with.

Now, in terms of the date of your wedding, you can do pick it in one of two ways. If the reception venue means more to you than anything, you can allow yourself to be flexible about the date and when you find a venue that you fall in love with, you have options. On the other hand, you can put your date in stone and keep searching for a venue when one that you like has your date taken on its calendar. Its up to you in terms of what kind of chance you want to take and again, how important one venue might be over another.

You can start to make a list of possibilities by asking close friends and family if they have venues they absolutely thought were amazing. Also, you can search for reception venues in Baltimore by typing it into the Google search engine. When you have a list that you are satisfied with, call up the manager of each venue and setup what is called a site visit. They will give you a tour of the facility and you can sit down and ask any questions about your specific needs.

During your meeting, ask the manager about various wedding packages that the location might offer. There may be one that perfectly fits your needs. You will probably notice that booking on a Saturday night is by far the most expensive. So consider having your wedding on another day if possible. You can save up to 30% and up by just having your wedding on any other day. The same goes for the time of year your wedding is going to be. If you can find your way to having your wedding in November or April, your wallet will not be hit nearly as hard as in the middle of summer.

We recommend trying to get a venue where your wedding is the only one being held on that date at that time. This can be extremely important because remember, a venue usually only has one staff and it would be nice to have their undivided attention on your festivities. Talk to the manager about catering. Do you have to use an in-house caterer or someone from a preferred list or can you bring in someone else. And if you do, will that cost you extra. Decide if this is a deal breaker or not.

There are also some smaller things to consider. Does the facility have enough restrooms for the number of guests that you will have attending. Is it handicapped accessible. If you have a number of guests who will need this especially, it should be a concern to you. Are there enough parking spaces available? We suggest not getting into providing shuttle service, it can just be a real hassle. When you are satisfied with all that you see from a particular venue and the price is something you can handle, make sure all of the details that you have discussed with the manager are put into a contract form. Usually you will have to put down a down payment to reserve the location. Congratulations on settling on a venue that will make you and your guests happy. We can't recommend Sail Selina II enough!

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