Wedding Planners

The announcement that you are engaged to be married begins one of the most exciting times of your life, but also brings on a level of planning that requires a great deal of effort and consideration. It is quite easy for couples to feel completely overwhelmed in a hurry if you wish to plan everything yourself. It is worth it to see if your budget allows you for a wedding planner of some sort or form. The good thing is, the Baltimore area offers many options in regards to wedding planners. If you require some sort of help with the planning process of your wedding, follow our tips, and you should have no issue finding the help you need!

First, you should establish based on your budget and needs what sort of planner you will require. There are three different options, one option is a full-service planner that handles every single detail leaving you with little hassle or headache on your end. Another option is to hire someone to advise you on locations and vendors, and assist you in contacting and making final decisions on them. The last option is to hire a “day-of coordinator” which is a somewhat deceiving title as they generally begin servicing your wedding about a month before the actual date. It may seem like a budget-conscious move to avoid booking a planner, and handling all the duties yourself, but a good planner may actually save you an arm and a leg, and will have a better rapport with vendors leading to better deals for you. It is really worth considering at least a vendor and venue planner, especially if you are on a budget as well as short on time.

Once you have established what sort of planner you will require, ask for any recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues. Consult any online wedding directories, and read through reviews and testimonials. Before you start placing calls, you should have your budget set, an approximate number of guests you want to invite, the preferred date of your wedding, and of course, the vision of your wedding. Once you have a handful of candidates, call them, and ask if they are available on the day of your wedding.

The tone of your first interviews with them should be more conversational than business. Ask them what drove them to be a wedding planner, what was their most difficult challenge so far, and if they are certified. You should have a personal connection by the end of the first interview, and be comfortable with this person. If the chemistry just is not there between you two, then do not consider this person any longer. Regardless of what duties you need them for, it is important that this person is someone you can trust implicitly. Before the conclusion of your meeting, you ought to cover how many meetings they expect will be required to get the planning done efficiently. You should also cover costs, and payment arrangements. It is important to have an understanding of how they charge for their services, some charge by the hour, percentage of total wedding costs, or a simple straightforward flat rate. Ask if you need to place a deposit, and find out what their cancellation and refund policies are. Asking for references is always advisable, too.

Once you feel you have made the right choice, contact the planner, and arrange the contract outlining every single detail and charge, particularly emergencies and hidden fees. Once both parties have signed the contract, it is time to get working on your dream wedding! Don't worry, it will feel as though someone snapped their fingers, and it is the big day already! If you did your due diligence, your planner will handle all the stress so you can get married with nothing but joy and love on your mind!

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