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One of the central components of your wedding ceremony is the wedding officiant. Whomever you bestow the honorific officiant duties upon needs to understand how much influence they hold over the proceedings, and it goes without saying that you need to trust them implicitly to carry out the duties with dignity and respect. During the process of planning your wedding, there are many imperatives you need to consider, but choosing your officiant should be one you spend some time on. Fortunately, Baltimore offers a wide variety of officiants, you will find your choices are quite abundant. Follow our tips, and you should have no issue finding the right candidate.

What sort of wedding ceremony are you planning? If you are planning a secular ceremony, then you have a handful of options available to you. You can either choose between a Justice of the Peace, or alternatively, a friend or relative. A Justice of the Peace is a court official, you can obtain a list of local Justices who perform marriage services, or you can search through a phone book, online wedding directories, or the Google. Call the officials that are closest in proximity to you, and set up interviews. You will want to want to get a good understanding of their personality. Remember, you need to trust this person to the core, so if you feel you do not completely mesh with this person, you do not need to book them.

Another option, which is beginning to rise in popularity, is to use a friend or a family member to officiate the wedding. No one knows you better than your friends and family, so who would you rather trust for the event? The truth is, this option may be somewhat deceiving in its perks, because your friends and family may not be prepared for the duties, and could say something embarrassing or otherwise detracts from the overall quality of the ceremony. If you do go with this route, you need to make sure this person is not prone to inappropriate outbursts, completely understands the gravity of the ceremony, and will perform the duties with dignity. As long as the importance is firmly grasped, this is a really great route because it will save you money and may even create a more personalized and special ceremony.

If you are planning a religious ceremony, you probably already have a family cleric and a church venue in mind, which may make the entire process incredibly simple. You will still want to have an interview with this person, and become better acquainted with their personality. You want to be comfortable with this person, because they aren't handling any regular church proceeding, it is your wedding. If you do not have a family cleric, and still wish to have a religious ceremony, then decide which denomination suits your beliefs. Once you're settled in that regard, search Google for that specific sect's local house of worship, and set up an interview with one of the head clerics. You will want to discuss the religious rules with the cleric to see if that particular church is right for you.

The biggest factor in selecting your wedding officiant is how well the candidate's personality meshes with yours, and how sensitive to your vision for your dream wedding. If they are stubborn, immature, indignant, or just unsavory, do not select them as your officiant.

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