Wedding Makeup Artists

Your wedding is just around the corner and it is time to get some of the last second details arranged. One of these is who is going to do your makeup. This is much too important a decision for you to take it for granted. Look around the Baltimore area and see which makeup artists whose work you admire. You can usually determine this to a degree by looking up their websites and checking out their portfolio. If you see some work that you think will complement your appearance, write their name and contact information down. You next step will be to contact each possible candidate and ask them some key questions before you hire anyone. Take this guide very seriously and don't be afraid to ask all of these questions and anything else you might be interested in before you make any commitments.

Let's face it, this is something that you want to make sure that it is done right. One way to do that is to find out if the makeup artist that you are considering will do a trial run with you. They should absolutely be willing to do this and if they say no, cross them off of your list and move on. A trial run can tell you a lot about the process and about your makeup artist. Ask them if you should bring your veil or other accessories to the trial run. Also, make sure that you understand what kind of prep work you should do before your trial run and before your wedding. For example, do they just want you to have moisturized your skin or do they want you to come with a fresh clean face only? It should be done at least a couple of months before your wedding. You will be able to try out different looks and talk things out with your makeup artist. Another advantage to this setup is if it doesn't go well, you still have time to find another makeup artist. But, hopefully, if things do go well and you get along and you love the look they give you, you will be ready to put down a deposit to reserve their services.

Unless you want to visit their salon on your special day, you will want to make sure that the candidate is willing to come to your location on your wedding day. This should not be a problem. Start to collect images of makeup work that you really like so that you can show the makeup artist. This will go a long way in showing them what to stay away from and what to gravitate to. Also, show them photos of your dress, the venue d├ęcor and any other items that you think are pertinent. There are always little details that you will want to be clear about. For instance, if after your trial run you were to fall in love with a different look, are they willing to perform another trial run and if so, what will the charge be? If you have sensitive skin or any beauty marks that you will want worked around or covered up, make sure you mentioned this before your trial run so that the makeup artist can be prepared for it. Once you have all of your questions answered to your satisfaction and if their price is right, you can reserve the person you feel the most confidence about.