Wedding Invitations

Congratulations, you've just announced your engagement, and you are to be married posthaste! We understand the rush, you two are meant for each other, but we feel you two are meant to have a beautiful and wonderful wedding. There is plenty to do in regards to planning your wedding that takes time, careful consideration, and plenty of effort. One of the first steps after securing a reservation for your respective venues is selecting the right invitations for the style and color scheme of your wedding. Do not let your anxiety run rampant, Baltimore is chocked full of stores and businesses geared towards special invitations such as weddings. If you follow some of our tips, finding the right invitations will be a cinch.

If you are making your wedding invitations, it is highly likely that you have your venues picked out and are well past deciding on a style. Try to correlate the style of your wedding into the style of the invitations cards, as well as the color schemes. Invitations range in size, but are traditionally rectangular in shape and around four and a half inches by six and a quarter inches. There is absolutely no rule against being creative with the size and shape of the card, but it may cost you more to mail invitations that are bigger than normal envelopes.

There is more to the presentation of the invitations than just the style and color. You will need to consider the words you wish to have printed on them, and what sort of typeface will correlate with the style and colors. There are a plethora of decent wording guides on the world wide internet. You will not want to overfill the card with text either. Make sure to list only the key components of the invitation, such as the date, time, location, the names of the couple, and RSVP information. Cramming your invitations full of information or platitudes may seem like not such a horrible idea, but it will surely detract from the overall elegance of the card. You should definitely consider hiring a professional calligrapher if you have the space for it in your budget. Another option is to download calligraphy software on your computer, and do it yourself. Adobe has many different suites and programs available, Illustrator or Photoshop will be great resources if you are a DIYer. You will also need to consider color and typeface for your envelopes, too. If you want them to be beautiful, you definitely are going to want to spend time using an appropriate software, or again, hire a professional calligrapher.

Once you have a proof of your invitation, you will want to double check it, and have another set of eyes inspect for errors. You should make sure the cost of the materials and the shipping are going to be suitable for budget. Be sure to order extra cards, and get an exact count of households as not every guest you invite will require an individual invitations. For instance, if you're younger siblings still live with your parents, there is no reason to send them out individual invitations. Be sure to stamp every card, make sure you put the appropriate amount of postage in relation to each individual invitation's weight, and also double check that every single address is correct. It is always a pain in the derriere to have guests show up who did not RSVP claim they never got an invitation, because if you are confident that all the addresses correct, there should be little reason for this excuse.

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