Wedding Dress Shops

You have been ready for this from the moment that you said yes to his marriage proposal. Visiting bridal dress salons can be a very exciting adventure but it also can be filled with pitfalls. So, you will want to be aware of a number of factors before you head to the salons. Heed this advice because we speak from experience and knowledge of what works and what doesn't. These are blunders that you will absolutely want to avoid when you are ready to head out on your excursion. Baltimore is a great area and has some amazing salons that will certainly be able to service you, just go armed with the following in mind.

We understand that this is the most important dress that you will ever wear so you want everything to be as perfect as possible. When you plan your trips to various bridal shops, we recommend that you do not take 10 of your friends with you. Believe us when we tell you that having that many opinions will make it that much harder for you to make your decision. Take one family member and one really trusted friend that will be able to give you an honest opinion and who will have your best interests at heart. Here is another key point. Do not start visiting bridal salons until you are ready to actually purchase your gown. Keep in mind that if you get to a salon and end up being shown a dress that you absolutely fall in love with, but you are not ready to buy, it will be a huge disappointment. Most salons will tell you that it takes from five to eight months for a dress that you have ordered to come in so plan your salon visits accordingly.

Once you get to a salon, we recommend that you not try on an inordinate number of dresses. Anything more than 10 can really lead to confusion. There are times when you just need to trust your gut and if you come upon the perfect dress for you, it shouldn't matter if you have only tried on a certain number of dresses up to that point. And be wary of bridal shops that try and lure you with deep discounts. While everyone wants to save money, if it means ending up with a dress that you are not totally happy with on your big day, then that savings might not be as big a deal as you originally thought. Let's talk about sizing for a second. A quality bridal shop will explain to you that wedding gown sizes typically run one or two sizes smaller than normal clothes. So, when you hear the number they throw out to you, don't tense up, expect it. And one more thing about sizes, any reputable salon will recommend that you order a dress that fits your body as it presently is. Even if you plan on losing weight, go with your present size and worry about that when the dress comes in.

We will say this one time and we hope you heed this advice. Trust the consultant at the bridal salon. They should have experience and expertise in the wedding dress business and they have seem every body shape imaginable. If they think you will look great in a certain style, keep an open mind and at least give it a try. On your shopping trip, save yourself a lot of grief and do not try on any dresses that you cannot afford. In fact, we suggest that you tell the salon consultant what your budget is the moment that you want in the door of the salon. A respected salon will have a policy to keep you within your budget. One more tip that will save you a lot of time, before you head to a specific salon, call them and find out if they have samples in the size you are looking for, this way you will have plenty to try on when you get there. And also, make sure the salon is an authorized dealer of the designer you are really interested in. We wish you well at the salon.