Wedding DJs

It is time to look for a wedding DJ and you are just not sure what to look for or where to begin. That is alright, there is no shame in that. Everyone has to start somewhere. We believe we can help show you the way to a great wedding DJ in the Baltimore area. There are some very specific attributes that you want to make sure the person you hire has. So, as you go about your search, take our guidelines with you.

When finding out about a candidate's experience, one of the questions you want to key in on is whether they do this full-time or is it more of a part-time gig. We recommend sticking with people that do it for a living. They will be the one that will do everything they can to make your day a very special one. Ask how many weddings they have done in the past year. Remember, being a DJ and being a wedding DJ are two very different things. You want to make sure that they have been able to work out any problem areas in their performance and that they know how to handle the flow of a reception with the various events that take place on a schedule.

It may not be you, but some people get really worried about whether the DJ is independent or part of an entertainment company. Do you like the idea of working with more of a mom and pop feel. If you worry about an individual not having insurance or a backup, then you might feel more comfortable going with a company. We will leave this up to your preference, but we have seen successful weddings with either type of DJ.

Ask them if they have ever worked at your specific venue. If they have, then they already understand what the location demands in terms of setup and working the room. If they have not, ask them if they are willing to do a site visit with you if you end up hiring them. We think this is a must. If they balk at this, stop considering them immediately. You want to make sure they have insurance, its just a good practice because you never know what may happen.

Ask for references. You want to find out what other people think about them and how they performed at their wedding. We recommend asking for at least 5 or 6 references. Usually, if they can come up with this many and they are all positive, it is a very good sign. Also, we recommend that you look for a candidate that has an actual office. We realize that some up and comers may not have something like this yet, but we want to take the guesswork out of your decision and something like a nice office can be a sign of success and a true professional.

If they don't seem too expensive to you and they fit within the range of what you can afford, ask them how much of a deposit they require to reserve their services. After considering all of the above and gravitating to a candidate that you feel would be good for your wedding, book them as soon as you can and then start planning the rest of your wedding.

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