Tanning Salons

You want to look your best for those wedding pictures, we understand that. But you also want to feel and look your best for your wedding day. One of the things you can do is schedule some sessions at a tanning salon. A quality tanning salon can give you that golden glow that will be perfect as you stand to say I do and as you smile for every picture taken. There are so many tanning salons in the Baltimore area that your head may be spinning as to where to start looking. There is some information you will want to know before you head out there to find the rays. Check out our brief guide to tanning salons below.

The first thing you are probably wondering is if it is safe to step inside a tanning bed. The answer is yes. Keep in mind that it is a very controlled environment. A professional and quality tanning salon will be well trained in how long you should be exposed to the UV rays. Also, ask any tanning salon if their beds and booths are approved by the FDA as Class II Medical devices. A well trained professional at a salon will be able to set you up on a tanning plan. They should recommend that you use a tanning lotion to help further protect the health of your skin.

Talk to the staff about what tanning levels their beds are at. These work differently. Lower level beds have fewer bulbs have higher UVB and UVA percentages. Higher level beds give you a deeper, richer tan faster and you can obtain a better tan with fewer sessions. Depending on your complexion, talk to the staff about how long they believe it will take you to develop a glow of the order that you will want at your wedding. Ask them what you should wear when you come. And make sure that you talk about goggles. All goggles are not made alike. Talk to the professionals about what they think. If they feel that you should bring your own and they know of a type that is of a better quality, we recommend that you do so. And here is one more key: put on moisturizer after each session because your body loses moisture from each session. Have a long talk with the salon personnel about how to take care of your skin.

One of the great things that you will appreciate with your busy schedule is that each tanning session is not a very long period at all. You will be able to fit in a session throughout your day with no problem. And the benefits will be noticeable. Beside that golden glow, you will feel healthier as your body generate Vitamin D and you feel energized. There are also additional health benefits that you probably never dreamed of: reduction of cholesterol levels, blood pressure reduction, weight loss, lowering of resting heart rate, and much much more. Now, that is some great benefits and it all started because you wanted to look great for your wedding.