Mobile Bartenders and Wait Staff

Planning a wedding does many things for you including giving you an education on many things that you probably never thought about before. One of the things that you will probably be interested in looking into for your wedding reception is a mobile bartender or as some people have affectionately dubbed them, a professional mixologist. If you get the right one, your guests will not only feel like they are being treated to something special, but they will have an absolute blast. The question you are probably wondering at this very minute is how do you evaluate candidates for this kind of task. Well, we are here to help you as much as possible. We have provided a guide of sorts below that you will want to consider when you so on your quest to find your mobile bartender. You will definitely want to make sure that they meet certain requirements in order to make the best possible hire you can.

Out of all of the qualifications that you consider, the most important one is by far experience. Only hire someone who has a good deal of experience being a bartender for any type of group setting. Also, ask them where they received their training. If they have been to a bartending school, that would be a huge plus. In fact, make this a priority because bartending school will teach how to make the drinks your guests will request. Now, this may seem like an odd question, but ask any candidate if they have a website. If they do not, you might want to put a demerit in the negative column. Anyone that is trying to make it as a professional needs to have a calling card and in today's world that is called a professional website. If they do have a website, check it out and determine what it says about them as a professional. Does it give any testimonials or interesting information about their background or their talent as a mobile bartender?

If you call them and leave a message or if you email them, how quickly do they get back with you? Remember, you are the employer, it is not up to you to have to hunt them down. They should be available if they take their business seriously. Find out if they charge a one-time fee for their services or do they charge extra fees like a gas charge for traveling to your wedding. Evaluate if the gas fee is out of bounds for you. For example, for the Baltimore area, $50 doesn't sound crazy, but much more than that sounds like too much. In terms of insurance, you will want to make sure that they have both general and liquor liability insurance. Find out if they have been through the Responsible Alcohol Management Training Program. Bring certified through this program will reduce the risks associated with serving alcohol. It is not a deal breaker if they don't have it, but it would be a nice bonus.

Of course, you will want to go over little details like when they will show up at your reception, will they bring all of the supplies that they need to work with, and do they offer a custom shopping list. What will they wear to your reception? It is a must that they look professional and well groomed. Expect to pay for quality. Don't be a cheapskate with this service, you will regret it when all is said and done.